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petition to have suppresors removed from NFA list!!!


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WeIl... at least if there were a ton of signatures they would have known that that was how people felt.

. Im afraid that now this petition will be used against us since it has gotten so little support :/

They don't give a flying F how we fell or what we think Edited by shepp
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This complete dumbass's comments are the very same thing (scary how similar) as that got Jerry Tsai relieved as editor of Recoil magazine.


Same as what got Jim Zumbo in trouble with gun owners.  Same as what got Dick Metcalf in trouble with gun owners.


Too bad the guy doesn't understand HOW STUPID what he stated, really is.  It really is THAT stupid.


If he's still lurking, I hope he takes the time to read these:






Piss off gun owners - not just members of this board, but the whole damn community - and that's what you'll be rewarded with.  Spout your bull$hit in a more public manner, and your kick to the nuts will be even harder.



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You're welcome shepp I take our 2nd amendment serious.

Research the true meaning of a well regulated militia.

Its funny how the man has a way of twisting words.

If the man took that phrase for its true meaning, our militias would be a "civilian force to be reckoned with.

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I agree!

In reality, the second amendment is not meant to protect our right to keep and bear arms, but our right to organize ourselves as a militia as we see fit. Its like they knew we would need militias, and they knew militias need weapons, but they didn't think the future American population would be stupid enough to give up their rights.

But militias are now highly frowned on, and considered "extremists" and the meaning of the second has been diluted to the point that words like "sporting rifle" and "sporting use" have become popular. *gagg

The population has been fooled into believing the national guard is out militia, and the only legal militia, and even the national guard is being stripped of its strength by Obama. Multiple divisions just got the axe, apaches have been transfered out, and they are planning on stripping national guard units of their tank divisions and tanks as well.

Its all bad. We are loosing this game of chess my friends.

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Also, in the Second Amendment the word "state" has nothing to do with actual States, like Maryland, Virginia, or the like, nor is it a collection of "states"  it is referring, in fact, to a condition of one's person/family.  If you were hungry you could be called a person who is in a hungry state at the time.  And if you were poor, you could be said to be in a state of poverty or poor state at that time.  If you were able to defend yourself and have freedoms you would be said to be in a "Free State".  That is what that word refers to, to be in a free state existence, a free condition.  It is one of our most treasured states, to be free, and not shackled or bonded by a dictator or monarch.

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  • 2 years later...
5 hours ago, Renegade360 said:

Every feel like we are Peeing into the wind? I love the idea taking suppressors off of the list, but i'm pretty sure they love the tax income and it won't happen, epsecially with the current administration. Sensible just doesn't work for these guys.

Into the wind with a fire at our back.

5 hours ago, Renegade360 said:

Great I posted to a 2 year old post. Really nice:):bitchslap:

That's nowhere even NEAR a record on here!  At least it was relevant to current events and the conversation.

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