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petition to have suppresors removed from NFA list!!!


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Idk if this is in the right place, please move if it is not.


This link takes you to Whitehouse.gov, to a petition to make supressors easily purchasable without the 200 dollar tax stamp, and all the other infringements that go along with it! Please sign on the dotted line, so that SOMEDAY, I will ne able to get a nice, affordable suppressor. Besides, if they were easy to buy, more people would buy them. If more people buy them, more people will make them. And if more people make them.. well, you get it.

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  Odd , I signed & verified & the numbers didn't change , go figure . I don't think any petition to this administration has a snow balls chance of accomplishing anything , but will keep signing any way.


  I personally don't see the big deal on suppressors ,except for the COOL factor, I think they are over rated , except for some military use , I personally have no use for them & yes I have had several . Of course that was twenty five or so years ago.


  I will probably not make friends with this , but I think these items should be regulated , maybe not a $200 tax on them though , but it is a one time tax. The one that should be over turned is the manufacture of select fire firearms for civilians . They can say all they want about how they didn't ban anyones ability to purchase one , but they did . Some cost as much as my first house to buy .

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I would love to go to the range and not need my Micky mouse ears on top of my inserts so that I could actually chat with my friends. I'm not willing to be on a NFA list to get one. I won't even do a FFL transfer at this point.

the petition is a waste of time though.

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An acquaintance of mine is an ear, nose and throat doc and has several suppressors.  He advocates them because of the noise reduction.  It protects the hearing of everyone, not just those wearing ear protection at that moment.  He taught his daughters how to shoot without having to yell over hearing protection or altering sight picture due to external ear protection in the way. 

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   All that noise reduction is nice , but if you are regulated to shoot at a range , you will be or should be ( most its mandatory ), wearing some kind of hearing protection . Not many there shooting suppressed firearms . I shoot at a FOP range & all the years shooting there , I have seen only one suppressed firearm there . Hay , if you want one , I have no problem , its your money , spend it the way you see fit , of course. <thumbsup>

   I do know some who use them for hunting & that may be one of the best civilian uses for them , I can't argue with that .

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strange that you think select fire should be off the list while a muffler stays on. I feel there should be no NFA at all. only about 10% of my shooting is done at public ranges, but if there was no tax or hassle I am sure the vast majority of shooters would have a can.

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blue why do you choose not to get one? you think the gov'ment will get to much info? well if you pay taxes or own a house, or a car well you get the idea there is nothing more on any of the forms than are on a car loan,house loan   etc.....

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