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On Point from LA


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19 minutes ago, SteveD said:

Hello from Louisiana.  I recently finished my AR308 (6.5 Creedmoor) build.  I cannot get the bolt to go back any further than 2/3 of the ejection port.  Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

6.5 BCG.jpg

What is the inside measurement of the buffer tube and length of the buffer?

Is the bolt catch engaging the carrier?

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another ?
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Hey Steve     Welcome aboard !   So the bcg wont go back but 2/3 of the way hand cycling ?   my first thought is a wrong buffer/buffer spring.. if the bcg wont go back.... so we need more info...what length buffer do you have in the buffer tube? Its a car stock ?    Wash

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18 minutes ago, SteveD said:

the buffer is 5.6″ @ 10.5oz

So you are using an A2 rifle stock with it?  Wash

the working combo I use for car stocks is a 7 inch (ar15) inside length buffer tube,car DPMS buffer spring ,and a 3.5 inch car 308 buffer




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8 hours ago, SteveD said:

the buffer is 5.6″ @ 10.5oz

That's an AR15 Rifle Buffer - those are 5.700" long.  .308AR Rifle Buffers (DPMS and Armalite pattern) are 5.200" long.  You have the wrong buffer, even though its heavy as hell.  .308AR Rifle Buffers (standard weight) are 5.4 oz.

The whole kit probably weighs 10.5oz - but that's an aluminum-bodied buffer, so I'll bet that you find it's true length at 5.700" and true 5.4oz weight. 

My $0.02.  I contacted Arm Or Ally about their listing, and the issues with it... 

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16 hours ago, SteveD said:

Thanks for all the suggestions.  I've reached out to Arm or Ally asking them to clarify that the setup they sold me is designed for the 6.5.

I'm telling you right now that it's the wrong "rifle" buffer...  Their measurements are off, and it's a 5.700" long buffer - for an AR15. 

Have you measured and weighed this buffer yourself?  Or, are you only repeating their information from their listing, and saying "that's the spec..."...  If you measure it and weigh it - you'll see that it's closer to the numbers that I gave you, and not the numbers that they're listing on that product ad...

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