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Happy Easter, brothers.


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Despite all the shiit going on, across this country - Happy Easter, you group of Deplorables.

Just got off the phone with Rene, and figured that posting this up is easier than calling the rest of you that I personally know.  :laffs:

Stay with it, hang with it, deal with it - shiit is getting better...

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2 minutes ago, Armed Eye Doc said:

It was great to talk to you after I had to pee. :lmao:

That was a good call, long, too. Careful what you bitch about - I'll call you every single day...   :laffs:

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1 hour ago, sagebrush said:

happy easter all. couldn't spend the weekend with family (no travel), so worked all day.

I did, too - in a way, man.  I didn't cut the grass, so I need to get my ass up early in the morning and get that done.  But, I DID load up 340 rounds of 178gr .308 Match loads.   :thumbup:

Had to put a dent in that pallet of brass that @dpete sent me, so I figured I better just stop bitchin' and get after it...   :laffs:

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19 minutes ago, Armed Eye Doc said:

Where in that desert that you call a yard do you have grass? :laffs: I only remember rocks and cactus.

And someone painting handguards in the corner.

I have grass, brother - and that shiit is HARD to keep up out here in the desert!  Hold on, I'll get you a pic - in the middle of the night...  You just wait for it...

Flash on the cam, at 11pm here, didn't work.  I had to turn the flash off and break out the torch.  I have grass, fukker...  :thefinger::lmao:


You have to be a Badass, or Stupid, to have grass in the desert.  I don't know what I am, yet, but it did great this winter.  I think I'm a Stupid Badass...   :banana:

The Cactii are doing great, by the way - they say "Thanks for asking about us!"   :lmao:


Oh, you see that grass there?  It's in the foreground...   🤣


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34 minutes ago, Armed Eye Doc said:

I stand corrected Mr. Badass.   You have grass for a month in tne spring before it turns into tinder for the summer. :lmao:


Au Contraire, Mon Frere...  It's time to plant my Summer Grass now, so I have a lush, green lawn throughout the summer...  Rye in the Winter ("winter grass") and Bermuda in the Summer (that's my "summer grass").  I've got it going on down here in the heat, for the grass, brother...   Over-seeding is where it's at.   :thefinger::lmao::banana:

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