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Choirboys Fallen Officer gun raffle


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Hey guys, it's that time of the year again. this year we're raffling a Glock G45, which is a 9mm. Same as last year, the tickets are $10.00 each and there will only be 500 tickets sold. And the winning ticket will be drawn on the 4th of July.


For anyone new here, we are a law enforcement motorcycle club and we do a run and gun raffle to raise funds for the families of officers killed or severely injured in the line of duty. We are a 501 (c)(3) non profit, and every dollar raised from this goes into a fund specifically for fallen officers' families. Nothing is ever used for administrative or any other purpose.

If you're interested in purchasing tickets just PM me and I'll get back with you. And once again, if a member of the forum wins the gun I will pay for shipping to your favorite FFL out of my own pocket.

Again, thanks for all the support you all have shown for this over the years.

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2 hours ago, 392heminut said:

Hey guys, it's that time of the year again. this year we're raffling a Glock G45,

For those that don't know...   The Glock 45 is - IS - the 19X, just in black.  It's the same damn gun.

Just for informational purposes.  :thumbup:   You're bidding on a black 19X here, is exactly what you're doing.  You can't go wrong with that gun.  :banana:

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12 hours ago, DNP said:

What would it cost to make sure you don’t touch anyones tickets but mine?  

I dunno, does that mean my wife would have to handle everyone's but yours or are you okay with me just wearing rubber gloves when I handle everyone else's tickets. If I have to involve the wife it will cost you more, a LOT more! It would involve having to take her to dinner, probably several times a week, which isn't cheap ya know.

BTW, if you opt for the rubber glove treatment, they have to be non-latex, I have a severe reaction to latex just so you know. Mayra isn't working at the hospital anymore so I will have to buy my own damn gloves, the cost, of course, would have to be passed on to you.


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