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Another fng


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Hello Gents,

I found this forum while beating my brains after building an lr-308 rifle, I'll post more about that in thread meant for bulld specs.

Im from NY where the 2nd Amendment is under constant fire, it sucks but I built my life up here, hard to get away with the opportunities I have, so like many others, we just find our ways to deal with it and hopefully one day triumph over the ridiculous scrutiny that we receive by our law makers.


Anyway, I've built several AR-15s from kits from one supplier. What a breeze they were, no issues, cycled perfectly and hit on mark consistently. Then I decided I wanted to build a larger caliber AR cause why not? I did my research and found that there were a few diff specs that manufacturers built the AR-10 platform for, so I picked one spec and went with it. I ended up picking a kit from a supplier again, GZP, figured the guy knew his poop, dealt with him before and everything was well.....

So here I am now, I've dealt with the headaches of issues with my 308 and found you guys. I'll be starting a new thread on my build shortly to see if yall can help me get on the right track with figuring this bastard of a rifle out.

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