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Damn it all


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My catalytic converter got swiped again... AGAIN!!! I guess the new target is Dodge diesel trucks.

This is the second time in less than a year. The fuckin thing cost $5k+ to replace!!! Luckily insurance picked it up, but I'm still pissed.

Now I'm headed to bestbuy to pick up a a better alarm system and a wifi camera system for the house. If anyone has any recommendations, I'm all ears.

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That bites Rob!  


AZ passed laws a couple of years back, no scrap metal sales unless the seller presents a state-issued ID.


The new one passed recently is no cash for scrap metal, checks only.


$5K for a new one?  What's that get at the meth dealer?



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Ya its ridiculous what these new exaust systems cost the one on my 2011 power stroke is like 5gs as well.

If I could I would take that poop off and put it in the shop and run some aftermarket stuff. If it didnt void my warranty.

Hang in there robo that sucks man!!

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Dang, that sucks! What, do they saw it off with a hack saw?


There was a demo on the news awhile back (nothing like educating the criminals that hadn't figured it out).


A battery-powered reciprocating saw (Sawzall) with a metal blade.  Takes less than a minute on most vehicles.



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I'm not sure if they still make them but try and find an alarm with a proximity sensor. I know Viper used to make one back in the day and so did Alpine. Viper was know for having the alarm that would do a count down when you got to close to the vehicle.


The only one I've had experience with is Alpine. If you got within a certain range of a vehicle it would automatically trigger the alarm to go off. I'm not talking about standing too close to a vehicle but if you stuck your hand inside a window or sunroof the alarm would immediately sound. The alarm was originally designed for convertibles so you didn't have to raise the top up everytime you parked your car.

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After jon's post how can you lose that with out watching that vid ohhhh it's on the interweb  how to steal! My friend had his tires slashed 2 times before he bought a camera and slept in his rig with a nail bat for two weeks. The week after that they came back and slashed and spray painted his rig !!(HE'S A GOOD GUY JUST HAS A POSITION OF HIRE AND FIRE) he presented the video to LE and it was inconclusive due to the angle of video! So for all you in home owner insurance tell us to mount the cam at 8 FT.

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They got me bout 5 years ago....went into a store for fifteen min. started up the excursion and all this racket....looked under and my 4" bully dog was in pieces laying on the concrete....but if i remember the 2002 didnt have a converter?.....so had to get the bully dog  patched up! :wacko:  Wash

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