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What do you have on order or in the mail? Part 2


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Waterheater gave out a couple of months ago.Of course when I was at work lucky the wife was home.Was going to go tankless but the cost over a 50 gal natural gas was alot higher.Since I'm moving after I pull the pin,wasn't worth it for me.I you'r gonna stay in the house for a few yrs. might be worth it.Getting it properly sized for the amount of demand is key.

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Ehh. The thing will only cost around $400. My son and I will throw it in this weekend and be done. I don't plan on being here for too long anyway. Maybe a couple years (hopefully not that long) as I keep wrenching on the house....waiting for the housing market to get stronger. Then I'm rolling out to somewhere better in the area, until I can finally pull the ripcord and get the hell outta this area in general (as in off of the east coast).


Wyoming.....you better start getting ready for me now. You only got about 15 years or so to prep.

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I just got a big order in to replace my stolen lr-308.

LMT Mws 16"

Giessele DMR high speed trigger

Harris bsrm bipod

Leopold Mark 4 lr/t 4.5-14x50

Ad recon mount

Troy hk style sights

Battleline sopmod monopod adapter

Accushot monopod

M-11 muzzle brake

Magpu trigger guard and afg

AND I built the wife a 223...

Syrac adjustable gas upper

Dpms complete lower

Giessele SD 3 gun

Troy flip ups

Eotech xps-2 qd model

Now that I have it all I have to hide all the receipts! She knows my addiction is expensive but I convinced her I got "a really good deal" on all of it...

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I guess that means he bought it....

That's a dirty trick though. If Ron's pusher figures out how to link him straight into a filled shopping cart....he's in trouble.

Hey, hey, hey! I've been good lately. I've been trying to stay away from him lately........................mainly cause I'm talking myself into that MRAD. Hmmm.....maybe for Christmas..............................

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You aren't serious enough to buy one by Christmas...


It's okay to dream man...we all do it.

I said For Christmas......not By Christmas. C'mon......give a brother a break. After all, we can't buy the EVIL AR's in my state now. So I have to catch up on my bolt-gun collection.


Who's the enabler now, ehh? <laughs>

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