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A big ol' Merry Christmas


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I/we would be remiss in if we didn't acknowedge our military brother and sisters and Vet's that have and continue to sacrifice for this country.For those that are the tip of the spear and all those in support roles.I/we say THANK YOU and Merry Christmas,come home soon and safe.In these a s s backwards times when heros are made of sports and entertainment people I say fuk'um.My/our heros are and will always be our Veterans and our troops.Risking thier lives to protect ours.Forever loved,never forgotten. <thumbsup>  God bless America.Rene

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I was totally set to come in here and say "BaHumBug!" ...but that would be an asshat statement under yours.

Merry Christmas to all and God bless our troops...good call.

BaHumBug to the rest of ya though!

Alright....Merry Christmas, Happy Hollidays, Feliz Navidad and Great Kwanzaa to all.

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Like you said it Rene. To ALL that help protect us. To ALL that defend OUR freedom. Freedom doesn't come "free". To ALL of our brothers overseas.....Merry Christmas. We'll keep the light on for you.


And to ALL of you 308AR bastards............those that served....and those that didn't..........Merry Christmas!


No merry new year.....no happy quansa.....no feliz navidad......no happy Hanukka (no offense to our jewish Brethren)........No Nothing.


Just a Merry Christmas. I don't think that I'm wrong for wishing that to all of our brothers.


If I am................................................SO BE IT!

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All the very best Christmas wishes and a happy new Year to all you fine enablers  have a great day and take the time to just chill pout and rest.....



 To all the warriors who put life on the line for us... I salute you  peace to you all this day and stay safe......

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Belated Merry Christmas, my brothers.  Busy as hell that day, and didn't even have the chance to stop in here.


I hope all is well with you guys, all through the coming year.  <thumbsup>


I also hope and pray that there will not be a shortage of .338 Lapua Magnum in the next year.  Please, God, for me, man.  <laughs>

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