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Fortis SWITCH - The Game Changer of Rail Systems?


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Check out the new Fortis Switch™ .308 Rail. It comes in 12" or 14" lengths and is quick install/detach "Switch"
Ranier Arms is scheduled to receive the first shipment of these today so act now if you're interested!
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I can see the benefits of this - what I see is rolling from a day role into a night role.  Night setup might include a night vision device forward of the scope (scope mounted on upper receiver), infrared laser on it, large bright light...  Something in a static position.  Day use wouldn't have a night vision device, as well as other things, and be more suited to carrying that heavy 308 biotch around.  


I like this.

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I'm kinda liking this. I could see the pros and cons of it. As blue said, devices have QD mounts. But I could envision the different scenarios where instead of having to pop things on or off of the rail, just pop the rail off and swap for another that has a different setup of accessories out of your pack. Possibly less fumbling in the grand scheme.


Damn. Now I'm probably gonna have to get one just to screw around with it.


Thanks Sheep (and they call me an enabler)...........................................bastard.

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well if the SHTF, I will bet you all a steak dinner the last freekin thing you will be carrying will be a backpack full of different rails!I am old school K.I.S.S... get you gun how you want it and leave it alone it works put food in your backpack.... :) the gun industry is getting like the fishing industry they make Chit not for the guns and fish but for the people ...I see the point of it but I mean really??????

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I like the style with the keymod and the shape of the vent openings but, I'm a little unsure about the Q/D attachment, looks

like something that could fail right when you really need it. My Boss bought a Fortis handguard for his AR15 and it has a 

pretty solid mount that attaches to the stock barrel nut. Would be nice if they could offer a 308 version of that or a non-Q/D

version of the model this thread is about.

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I wouldnt think they would put out a sub par product.  That being said I do like the design and it would make for some easy cleaning sessions after a dusty day at the range.  I might have to get one of these.

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One is on the way...can't wait to assemble and post pics/review this rail.  Will be excited to post my first build and I appreciate the info I find on here.


Would you happen to have a postal scale by chance? I'm curious what the weight is with barrel nut. Thanks!

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Oh, Sweet Hay-Soos, this is a NICE DAMN RAIL!  :hethan:


New-Build-Pics coming up this weekend, with shoot results.  I have an installation trick coming, too.  <thumbsup>


Installation de-structions tell you that you need the DPMS 2-prong .308 Armorer's Wrench to install this - you don't, if you have another cool piece of hardware in your toolbox. 


Wait for it....  WAAAAAAIT...   :banana:

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i ordered one for a 223 build.  I have had an Adams Arms XLP piston kit with low mass carrier sitting around and the rail i had for the build would not work with it.  AA calls for a "standard barrel nut" or one of equal length.  I was on the phone with Rainier the other day and they confirmed that it would fit...I was on hold while he called FORTIS to be sure.  Although there are plenty out there that fit it, I decided on this one.  I was originally like...WTF is the point??  Plus I wasnt a big fan of the Fortis look.  Well for this piston kit, the gas block has an adjustment knob to adjust the gas.  You can rotate it all the way and push the button and pull out the port for cleaning.  I guess with other piston systems you can completely remove the op rod that way.  with this one you cant.  So, I thought this "switch" lever i could gain quick access to the oprod for service or malfunction check. So, mine should be waiting for me when i get home from work in a few days.  I went with the 14

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agree. neat idea for a gun nerd with tons of money who wants to show off all his cool gear

"this is my 3rd Saturday of the moth setup"

Just bringing this one back to the top.

How's that rail looking, you stupidly rich firearm geek of a gorilla?lol

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