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Check out these triggers....


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I question the longevity of the needle-roller bearings. Used to rip through a ton of neede bearings back I was running gas R/C. Probably more than good enough for range use though.

 i see what your saying but you could just replace the bearing...so no big deal really. I think I'm gonna go ahead and buy one in jan. so when ever it comes in and i install it, ill let y'all know how it is. I have been debating what trigger to put into my new build, gotta replace the stock trigger. 


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Nice rifle brother Roryb.AP is nice stuff.


I actually got the chance to handle an ELF tactical trigger (single stage, demo rig) recently and it had a good feel. Short travel, clean break and almost no overtravel. Pricey though.

Thanks Unforgiven, Im was gonna buy a Elf Trigger the other day buy i Bought a HK Vp9 instead....lol whoops but anyways its the last piece i need to finish my full custom AP M5 so maybe this month ill get one.

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OK finally got the trigger yesterday installed in a lower today and will shoot  first impressions it is one well made trigger it has a candy cane break, it is fully adjustable and the install is a breeze. It has two set screws in the bottom that you adjust to lock the trigger pins after adjustment it is solid. so far I like very much.... will do the full review with picks after today.

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Ok I have the damn thing installed in a lower but I have got the flu and it has rained for three days will finish my review as soon as I feel better and it dry's up... hang in there it is a really nice trigger..

 Man really anxious to hear this review I've been wanting one so bad. Get better and go shoot that thing.

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Ok folks been shooting this trigger for the last 2 hours and I must say I am no expert but it is very impressive I like it better than my Gissele ssa-e now to be fair the Elftman is a single stage and the SSA-e is a 2 stage, but anyway installation is a breeze simple drop the saftey out (becarefull do not loose the detent or spring) drop in the trigger and tighten down the two set screw that lock in the pins they simple do not turn or move after you snug them up..

 The trigger comes with everything you need including the allen wrench to tighten the set screws and to adjust the pull if you so desire...




right out of the bag and into the weapon you are going to notice how freekin crisp this trigger is and how fast the reset time is I mean fast with very little back travel it comes in two types a straight trigger and a curved mine is curved and it comes preset to 21/2 to 4 lbs i figure this is real close to 3 lbs. the next thing you will feel is no creep at all it breaks like a candy cane again with almost no travel.....

here is a picture of the upper side notice the two set screws on the sides for locking in the pins and the set screw on the back for adjusting trigger pull.




here are two pictures of both sides...






Ok so to sum up what I can tell you it is easy to install no surprises it works like a charm and you will be very impressed. If you have any question just ask and it is not going back to my class three enabler it is staying in my 300 blackout......

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