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The Interview


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If they planed on killing it why spend all the money on ads for it? I heard rumors awhile back about n Korea being butt hurt over this and attacks if it was released. Weather the movie sucked or not they're released far worse, I think the whole pulling it is a cowardous act in a nation of sissys who worry bout hurt feelings. N Korea is a joke and it always will be as long as it's run the way it is.

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I guess they "didn't get the memo" about the cancellation. There were still ads on TV last night for the movie. LOL


The IT security professional in me tells me the job was initially done by some hacker wannabe kiddies and NK only piled on when they found it served their purposes.

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    No he still sucks , just this movie , when it comes out & it will , will have more of an audience at first ,then it would ,with out this BS hype .  They snagged on an opportunity , right place at the right time .  If they don't bring this movie out , now , with all the hype , they truly are cowards & deserve what ever are the consequences .

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"We don't negotiate with Terrorist, We give into their demands" Sums it up, heard that on the radio yesterday or this morning over the movie. I think it's dumb they pulled it. But I guess, North Korea is a bigger threat then anything else. I mean com on. We laugh at North korea Like a girl Laughs at a small P****. It would be the same thing if korea tried to do anything, we would laugh and be like really is that it?

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First of all. Who gives a Rats-ass about any movie being released. Second, why the Fuk should any of us care about any "threats" against said movie being released.


IT's A FUKIN MOVIE for christ's sake. Who cares if ANYBODY gets their panties in a wad about it being released. IT's a MOVIE.


Everybody pump the brakes. Take a breath. And stop worrying about offending somebody..............potentially.









where's the aspirin?

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Spent over 6 years of my life in South Korea, militarily.  I can tell you this much - the US Military isn't in South Korea to protect the South Koreans from the North Koreans, coming south...  We're there to keep the South Koreans from going north, and fucking them all up. <thumbsup>

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