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2018 Fall Shoot Documentation Thread


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Finally made it home.......................on TUESDAY around 1030 hours.......after leaving Toms' on Sunday around 2030 hours. 3 words come to mind. FUK THAT DRIVE! That's it! It's been 3 times now. Fuk that noise. I'll recreate all of my camping gear on Amazon and have it shipped to Tom's house to use at the fall shoots. My sorry ass will be airborn for the next one and stumbling to the rental truck place after getting off the bird. But not the one that Rob used. They probably have pictures of all of us on their walls saying "Beware -- No rentals to 308 AR guys!" :lmao:

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He's a fucking MACHINE, is what he is.  He'd fuk the Terminator UP...   :lmao::hail:

I'll turn that empty bigass upstairs bedroom into "Ron's Space."  I mean, why not...  Matt Cross takes up half my ammo closet, as it is now...   :laffs:

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On 10/22/2018 at 9:33 PM, shepp said:

Long range day





Not my normal prone position, but for a reason - I had my toes DUG IN on this beast, to load the SHIIT out of that bipod.  I was trying to kill that thing, and make the most stable shooting position possible.  This was the 500-yard zero action, right here. 

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18 minutes ago, 98Z5V said:

I think I center-punched that screw-pin on that screw-pin shackle, on that bunny.  I sent that little red fucker FLYING...   :laffs::banana:

well shits i was gonna ask who hit the red bunny,  but the pic was solid hits on the sillywheto. I couldn't sleep if i left that silly rabbit on the chain! let em fly!

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