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98's Mk11 Mod 0


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Been wanting to build up a Mk11 Mod 0 for a long, long time, but I was after a specific rail that I wanted to use.  The Daniel Defense AR10 Lite Rail 12.0.   I finally got lucky enough to get one, and much thanks to @swroberts22 for the opportunity at this rail.   :hail:

Picked up the Aero M5 upper and lower from GunPusher John, and set about getting this thing together.  I searched for a long time online, trying to find a Mk11 with a collapsible stock on it, but couldn't find anything like that.  I made the decision to raid a pretty sweet A1 stock from a rifle - The bulk of the parts were "re-purposed" from the very first LR-308 that I ever built, in 2010.  I had a Rainer Arms Select barrel ready to go for it, that's been in the gun locker for about 4 years.   18" midlength gas 1:11.25" twist.  After talking with @Matt.Cross, he made me realize that if I was taking the stock from my first build, then I might as well take that sweet 1:10" twist Fulton Armory Krieger Criterion 18.5" rifle gas match barrel from it, too.  He was correct.   :thumbup:

So, I swiped the A1 stock and rifle recoil system, with the Sierra Precision SPR-1 adjustable buttplate from that gun, I took the barrel, the Tac-Ops 1 charging handle, and the BAD-ASS ambi safety.  I also swiped the KAC rail panels from it.  For right now, I even took the DPMS cromed BCG, but that'll get replaced with a ToolCraft nitrided BCG, down the road.

I hadn't had that original .308 out for years, and just wanted something different - and I got it. This one will get out WAY more often.  I still need to figure out the optics, but whatever the scope is, it will be in a LaRue LT-158 mount.  Here's where it's at right now:


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4 hours ago, blue109 said:

Sex as usual. Paint job?

I think it needs it.  Some Desert Tiger Stripe would do it proper - Cerakote FDE and Patriot Brown.  @392heminut has some pics of one I did for him, that'll turn up.  It's a pretty sweet combo...  :hail:

2 hours ago, Chuck Plissken said:

I like it more and more when I see the pictures.  Interested in what glass your gonna run. 

Up in the air on it, since it's a .308 Win round - I already know it's max terminal potential.  I've been lucky with PA 4-14 .308 ACSS HUD DMR scope several times on different guns, and it works GREAT.  That would be very good on this one, and work with it very well.  Then, I'm wondering about upping the magnification, or just going to a straight illuminated mil scope.  Athlon Optics has a great 6-24 illum mil scope that I put on the .260 Rem - then another 4-14 illum mil scope from them, too.  Decisions.  I've got a decent Christmas bonus coming up from work, so it waits until then - unless I steal a scope from something else just to shoot this thing...  That .260 Rem with the 6-24 is already in a LaRue LT-158 mount...  it might get "borrowed..."     :bitchslap::lmao:

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On 11/24/2019 at 8:07 PM, Chuck Plissken said:

flippin' awesome! love those DD rails. It's a great mix of modern quad rail and old school A1/A2 stock which I love.


4 hours ago, Chuck Plissken said:

I like it more and more when I see the pictures.  Interested in what glass your gonna run. 

I saw your For Sale thread, brother...   I think you have The Sickness...   :thumbup::lmao:   You need to head down south sometime and shoot with me...    :banana:

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So, this is getting shot tomorrow morning.  We'll see how it goes, and I'll get results in here afterwards.

I couldn't wait, so I raided the best scope to try this out, that was appropriate - the Athlon Talos BTR 4-14 mil-dot scope from the 16" Grendel.  It went in an Armalite 30mm scope mount that I had in the box, and I cut the V-TAC Mk1 FDE sling for this gun - I'm now down to only one spare, new, uncut Mk1 sling in the parts box.  When I originally ordered the Noveske QD Flush Cups, I got 2 of them (needed ONE of them for the Mk12 Mod 1)....  Shipping then didn't make sense to order just one, so just gimme 2 then... - but it was one HELL of a chore to find that thing. I apparently "put it someplace safe" that was SO safe - I played hell finding it, too...   Finding it sucked, it was like a sick game of "Where's Waldo?" all over the compound...   It was in the center console of the Nissan Super Truck...  WTF?!!?... :laffs:

Raided the MagPul picatinny-mount bipod from the Mk12 Mod 1, too, just for tomorrow.  This this is a shiit-pile of "stolen parts" right now...   :hail:  But I'm gonna shoot it.


This is NOT my preferred front sling mount for this gun - but it came from the 16" .300BLK that I tore apart last year.  That front sling setup was cool on a PRI Carbon Rail, but it's not permanent for this rail.  I need something different, but this works for tomorrow.  Plus, I only had one spare QD sling swivel, and that was going on the ass of the gun...   :lmao:




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Bonus material to the thread - I finally picked these two little a$sholes up 2 weeks ago.  14 weeks old, male, blackass tiger cats - yes, black cats with black stripes.  I'll need to get them in the sun to be able to show that - but they're tinyass little terrorists so far.  They fight all the time, ripping each other up, tangled up in a big ball of FIGHT, tumbling down the stairs...  TactiCat doesn't take it - he's teaching some MANNERS IN THIS HOUSE.  He mostly ignores them, but if they fight, and somehow end up close to him, he just throws a paw out there and rolls both of them across the room...  :bitchslap:

I ain't kidding, you cannot PAY enough for entertainment like this...   :banana:

Since they're twins from the same litter (abandoned, bottle-raised from 2 weeks old), I wanted to name them Windsor and Cleveland.  As it turns out, one of them it a little bigger and a little meaner than the other one, so they're officially known as Windsor and Hemi...   :thumbup::laffs:



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Double trouble!  Nice rescue job brother.  I know of a cat,  not mentioning names here I suspect the f'ker can read.  Let's call him the sheriff for anonymity sakes.  Well he's one of the nicest cats around.  He's among that group of cats that are so terrific that we came up with the term " Cool Cats."  Well this cool cat is called Sheriff because he likes to take down his perceived criminals.  His self promoted territory is the bed.  He keeps his patrol area tight and orderly.  If all is under the covers everything is copasetic.  If Mr. Foot becomes uncovered,  he sees perp and becomes Wyatt Earp and the OK Corral is on!  Good Luck with your buddies.

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Took this thing out today,with GP John and another local buddy.  They were both zeroing in and shooting new 6.5 Creedmoor guns. John was on a Bergara bolt gun, and the other guy was on a Ruger Precision Rifle.  I took the Valk out there, and the Mk11.   Set zero paper targets and IPSC steel at 100 yards, and put another IPSC steel at 475 yards. 

This is a keeper - it did really well. 


It literally took 3 rounds to re-zero the scope to this rifle.  This barrel is also almost 10 years old now, so it definitely didn't need broken in at all...  After getting the scope on paper and centered back up, I just plugged the steel.  After that I got the Valk out to play with it.  Here's the 100 steel - Valk in the head, .308 Win in the chest.


After running those two at 100, I switched right over to the 475 target.  It was 3.0 mils of hold for both guns - Valk and Mk11.  There's a bunch of hits on this plate, because we were all shooting it out there - but it's easy to see what was 6.5C, .224 Valk, and .308 Win...


Here's the 475 view from the gun:


This is when I was pulling the target for the day, looking back at the shooting location:


Good day, men!!!   :thumbup:

NEXUS 168gr Match ammo report - had a bad box of ammo, out of the 3 boxes I took out there.  Shooting 100 steel at the end, I put the rest of a mag in the steel.  Changed mags to a full 20-rounder, reduced "pop", very little kick, and NO IMPACT on steel at 100.  Weird, I was just thumping it...  Pulled the BCG, looked down the barrel - clear, no obstructions.  I had to manually eject that piece of brass - the BCG didn't move at all.  Alright, bad load, on to Round #2 - same exact thing.  Checked the barrel, clear, on to #3, same thing.  Did NOT check the barrel, just manually ejected each round, individually, and shot the next.  All 20 were bad.   In all honesty, ALL of the .308 Win ammo and half of the .260 ammo that we received from them was "2nds."  This was the only box of 168 .308 Win that did this - fired another box right after it, thumping the hell out of the steel...  

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1 hour ago, Sharpshooter said:

Nice rifle, nice shooting, but I'm especially impressed with your new kids. Hope all works out for everyone!

Thanks, brother, on the shooting stuff.  I do what I can, and I always remember wise words from a former mentor - "Even a blind monkey finds a banana once in awhile..."  :laffs:

These two new jackasses are something else. I think they're possessed.  They're maybe 3lbs each now, but they sound like a herd of elephants slamming through the house.  It's unreal.  They have TactiCat on edge, and he'll put them in place every time his opportunity comes up - SMACK!...   :lmao:  Bitchy Cat keeps her distance, because she just wants to eat them and be done with it.  It's straight mayhem in this house right now...   :banana:

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Weighed this pig out tonight.  As it sits, sling, bipod, loaded 20rd P-Mag - as it sits in this pic, ready to go, is 14.85lbs. That's a healthy girl, right there.

That's with a Tubb CWS, tungsten insert...  That by itself, is a 1/4lb added directly to the carrier weight (or buffer weight, if you wanted to look at it that way).

20rd P-Mag, loaded, weighs 2lbs with 178s in it. This thing is THICK, but I like it...  


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