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98's cerakote camo on my truck gun


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@98Z5VMy apologies for taking so long to get these up Tom!

This is the AR with the tiger stripe cerakote that Tom has been referring to, I was blown away when he gave this thing back to me. My wife said she hadn't seen that big of smile on my face since the last time she...well maybe I shouldn't go there!:laffs:

Anyway, this thing is outstanding! A huge thank you to you brother!



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18 minutes ago, sketch said:

wow!! that is not bad for an angry monkey with a wrench! He got some skillz.

Truck needs some tiger stripes😁🍻🍻

Haha! I put the graphics on it because I couldn't stand the stark white, I'm not big on white but the price was right.

I sent some pics to my son Josh and he said "Well, at least it doesn't look like a city truck now!":lmao:

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I had Larry's gun for a year, from the time I met up with him and picked it up...   It was one thing after another with me, and I kept putting it off.  Hell, I had it over a year, no joke.  I just went from one personal issue to another, back to back, and just didn't get it done.  I had some real-world weather issues, last winter in AZ, and the rain just wouldn't stop - if it wasn't actively raining, the humidity sucked, for painting.  When I was ready and capable to paint it - the weather told me that it wasn't gonna happen.  This was a bad combination of planning on my part, one-thing-after-another on my part, and personal shiit on my part.  I knew I had to make this right, by Larry...   

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7 minutes ago, Cunuckgaucho said:

In all fairness it to Michelangelo four years to paint a ceiling :popcorn:

That's ALOT bigger than a gun, though...  I was on my ass on this one...  Should have been a  month, at the max...   Not 13 months, or whatever it was...   Me = :bitchslap:

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