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Happy New Year Gent's


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Happy New Year Gentlemen, I've missed you guys, we had a wedding and lots of associated fun for the last month... I also found a 300 Ham'r thread on the Texas Hunting Forum, and I've been reading that thread, my rifle is running with the H2 buffer and standard buffer spring, but still won't cycle the 125 Hornady FMJ's, I think they are a little wimpy honestly. It runs the 110's and LOVES the 135 Speer, so all good.. I will of course have to play with it some more, Wilson has a 37 flat coil spring to replace the 40 coil, or Bill says cut 3 loops off the 40... so we will see..

I spent the day working on 3241T ango, Dan's bird is in for annual, and he has a few serious sqawks, had to rebuild alternator, tightened up the exhaust pipe clamp on the power flow exhaust, and has a persistant oil leak??

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10 minutes ago, Armed Eye Doc said:

I said hope.

That's what Obama said, too.  I'm just sayin'...  

BARACK OBAMA HOPE GLOSSY POSTER PICTURE PHOTO inspiration motivation election 63

"Hope" is not a plan...   🤪

You a Closet-Democrat, brother?...   You're nailing their talking points here...  :popcorn:

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WEll so far it is a happy year got step dad back from hospital cancer was removed from his arm they did not have to take his arm (thank God) and got the report the margins are clean so no radiation treatments which means i do not have to drive him 100 miles a day to treatment for 6 weeks .He is 93 installed a be-day cause he can not do anything with his left hand life is looking good I am happy for him say he wants to live to 100 or die trying he is seeing 10 doctors man is tougher than Rhino Hide 30 year Army warrant 10

   So yes Happy New Year to all you degenerates.....

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