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Overdue forum intro


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Hi Everyone,

I've been lurking in the forum for a while for my build, but haven't been much of a contributor. But after a couple different successful builds over the years, I figure I can start contributing to society, albeit I like reading and studying from the infinite knowledge on this forum. A little about me, I'm from the deep south, and I love numbers and tinkering, so rifle builds and reloading fit my style. My other interests are freedom, music, and bourbon. I look forward to being more active in the threads. Feel free to connect on anything and everything.

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Thanks, I really started browsing this site late last year, but after I finished my build, I stopped snooping around, but I finally got around to testing everything, and everything went well, so I figure I have some knowledge I can pass along. or at least point people to the posts that I read that helped me. This site is really a giant library that has all the answers needed for a successful build.

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47 minutes ago, Haus said:

 This site is really a giant library that has all the answers needed for a successful build.

This makes me happy to read it - this place is 12+ years of development, experimentation, money-spent, trial-and-error, some failures...   but knowledge gained, in order to be passed on, so others don't have to go through that.  Welcome aboard - officially, now  :laffs:

7 minutes ago, Armed Eye Doc said:

Yep, but we still use the card catalog and Dewey Decimal System.

^^^  That's not a bad thing, brother.   When the electricity is off, I can still use my flashlight to look at the card catalog, and go through the library aisles and find the book in order in the Dewey Decimal System...   :hail:  We still train in reading wind, estimating range, running your dials and knowing your scope dope, and using math to solve your shooting solution, too.  Just in case all the batteries die in all the fancy gadgets...   :thumbup:  Knowledge is power, and knowledge is confidence.   :banana:

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