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cheaper than dirt?


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Ok, so I have become a slickguns.com addict, but it is frustrating to me that cheaperthanyoursoul.com constantly has the lowest prices AND free shipping... I feel like they are selling at cost to destroy the industry...

I hate ctd for its politics, especially if you remember how they were around the election. I have boycotted them this long...

But would buying a firearm from them be akin to selling my soul to the devil? What do yall think?

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What did CTD do?


 I haven't visited Impact Guns in quite a while but I see now that they have .50AE Desert Eagle barrels for $335. I might have to pick one up as I am planning to convert my Desert Eagle from .44 Magnum MARK VII to .50AE MARK XIX.

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they didn't just hike prices....

just days after sandy hook the canceled tons of orders so they could reprice. they posted PMAGS at $99 each. everyone laughed, until other retailers started following their lead. it snowballed and within days magazines were worth more than gold. anyone who kept the price normal was instantly bought out, and those mags were then put on gunbroker and every other classifieds page for insane prices. the same thing happened with guns and ammunition shortly after. in my option, CTD was the pebble that started the avalanche.

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not too many shops I hate. ctd and troy are the only ones who come to mind that are on my no- fly list. putting a little cash in your pocket is ok in my book, ctd just did it dirtier than most. part of the blame falls on us for letting it happen though. I can happily say I didn't buy anything overpriced during the stupid.

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