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Dream carbine


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Finally got it together, WOA upper with side charger. Relia-bolt with stainless cam pin,14.5 Faxxon gunner barrel with lo pro gas block, AAC breakout muzzle device, Aero S one 12" Mlok handguard, Primary arms 1-6 ACSS scope in a Larue CAN mount, Magpul pro flip up sights and Tac ops CH. Lower is Lancer with expanded mag well, Ambi bolt release, Rock river safety, Velocity single stage trigger with K&S pins, B5 grip, Magpul stock, mil spec buffer tube, stock spring, with T2 buffer.





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Forgot pic's
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22 minutes ago, Belt Fed said:

Wow, that is total bad ass.👍 i REALLY like that side charger.

White Oak Armament upper & BCG I substituted with Relia-bolt. Upgraded the 18" with Luther Rifle stock and Ergo zero angle grip. That grip is the cat's meow wider than the B5 and actually vertical. It beat out the K2 which I thought fit my hand well and all while standing on my head. 😵:lmao:


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3 hours ago, unforgiven said:

Tac- ops charging handle works great brother check one out.

You had to have that Tac-ops stashed awhile, I haven't found one for sale in what must be years now!

That's a badd arse rifle brother! What does she weigh in at?

Sorry I went and assumed gender .......

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Love the set up and the 2 tone scheme :hail:

6 hours ago, BigNate said:

VERY cool!  Wonder about that becoming something more common - I hate trying to get to the charging handle under a scope (even with a raptor or other "large" charging handle). 

Fall shoot I'' have a couple side chargers, unfortunately it's cause our ARs can't come out and play for now. So A couple Canadian companies have made de neutered  upper/lowers allowing us to transfer all are AR bits to rifles we can take out and play till we get this crap sorted out. The charging handle can be set up either left or right and easily swapped and you can try both set ups

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16 hours ago, unforgiven said:

Thanks men that's a big compliment coming from you guys, that Midwest industries handguard is real close to Aeros Atlas S one.🍻🍻

I just did a Midwest "Combat Rail" on a gun...   and that thing is impressive, brother.  I like it alot.  MI is good shiit.  I have alot of their stuff in my history, especially WAY BACK in the day.

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