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Alright you dirty rotten bastards


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OK. For all of you that have been bustin my balls (Dirk and Tom) about the god damn Elite Iron Bi-pod. I've got my own dilemma happening here.


 - One.....I just had to pay for a new roof on my place. That alone hurt to stroke that check.

 - Two.....The feds are about to change the trust laws when it comes to class III device's.


So for all of you candy-assed fuckers complaining about me getting the Elite Iron bi-pod for the MRAD.........I ask you this.

Should I:

A - Get a nice piece of Nightforce glass for this thing?

B - Get the AAC Titan Suppressor for this beast (kinda what I'm leaning towards before the whole finger-printing, dealing with your CLEO comes back into play)?

C - Get the (whenever I can get it afterwards) Elite Iron bi-pod?


Keep in mind that I can only do one at a time.




Speak up you fuckin bastards. This is as much for me as it is for you (spoken in a manner of planning on meeting up with you FUKs eventually)


PS........I'll let Greg, Rob and Rene (and don't forget Jay) speak on behalf of the MRAD by itself.


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Ok, B first. And since you've already given in on the bipod....we will have to start looking for something new. Like a brand new Corvette to drive the MRAD to the range


Yeah, put some Rancho offroad shocks and offroad wheels/tires on the Corvette so he can make it there.

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Just got back from stumbling into my local gun pusher. I've got him searching for the can. He's not sure on the availability of the QD version of the Titan. He's gonna call me when he finds out.


And just what the hell are you talking about Sketch? You lost me brother.

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And just what the hell are you talking about Sketch? You lost me brother.

I had to look at that one again myself,I thinks brother Sketch doubled up on his meds with an empty belly :wacko: .You know me brother #1 can,#2 glass,#3 more ammo cause it ain't cheap.Love that rifle :D .Fuk yea.A cuff sling would be the $hit.Just sayin.

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If you haven't had enough abuse yet you are sure playing the kid at Xmas who gets what he wants or is throwing a hisssy fitt ill pitch in 5$ for all 3 who's with me!? Ron has the best toy lets give him something to think about... Hmm we really do love you man!! Yes you said 3 x what we don't have that means you gotta bight the bullet buddy!! I'm serious 5$ pledge but you have to post more pornrad or it never happend!! :)

That reads like Chinese poetry.

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Yup, it's definitely going to be worth it! When my house was built the owner/ builder put in oak flooring but never even sanded it, just put carpet over it. My wife has asthma so when we bought the place the carpet came out and there it was, milling marks and all. I've got 4 rooms and a hallway that I have to do that to and I'm not looking forward to it but the results make up for all the work! <thumbsup>

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