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He makes a great point. Two things led me down the path of build versus buy. First, so many mall ninjas with tricked out rigs at the range bragging about their aftermarket equipment (who BTW couldn't shoot worth a darn) helped me realize people were spending a lot of money unnecessarily to get where they were going. Second, most of the off the rack 308ARs were just plain butt-ugly! I want a rifle I'm proud of, 

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I didn't know what to expect when I watched the video but I can agree 100% with the guy. I did buy one rifle, a DDM4V5, best money I ever spent. At the time they used the quality & expense on the most important parts and went cheap on the others to hold the cost down. Now they use all this weird looking stuff. I just changed the grip, stock and added sights, next is a scope and 45 degree irons of some kind and I'm done. Great rifle.


All my others are built. I spent the money on quality barrels and saved on quality Blem receivers from BCM, DD, PSA and Noveske. All other parts are quality LPKs and triggers. BCGs are also quality M16 with 158 bolts. All the rifles shoot great and are accurate. The only issue I had was with a 7.5" and the PWS CQB muzzle device, once I changed to a KX3 the gun ran fine. I don't really like those big ugly muzzle devices on my pistols/SBRs but the guy standing next to me at the range likes them. Without them they are LOUD!!!


That is why I have decided to build a DPMS pattern .308 AR. It took me a while to find the right parts for me and it was a bit expensive for my AR-15s. But I know what I like ergonomically in terms of grips, stocks, rails. I like the Magpul K2 and the MOE SL stock. For rails and handguards I like thin, the MOE SL carbine handguard is fine, for rails as long as it's 2" or under thickness, although the Troy Bravo seems OK, I prefer the Alpha with a AFG. So now after X amount of time and money I can pretty much put a rifle together without having to go through part of the month.


I really want the .308 AR. It's a battle not to just buy a Bushmaster XM-10 because that's close to what I want. The guy in the video is absolutely correct. I will change the sights, stock, grip and probably add a muzzle device like a BCM comp. So why not just wait for some sales or free shipping and build one. I figure I'll start with a DPMS receiver set (maybe Aero Precision), BCG and mil-spec extension tube. From what I understand the Armalite LPK is superior. Add a quality 16" mid-length gas system barrel and that's most of the rifle right there. Plus I can buy things as they become available and on sale. Sales save a lot once you add up the shipping and some times tax.


I will put up a picture here when I finish it. I will do it but it will take till about the summer.

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I find it all pretty funny as I do not give a rats A$$ what my guns look like , if they are cool looking , and all that BS, I care how they function that is priority number 1 with me yep I bought a DPMS off the rack and I changed the handgaurd, trigger, and muzzle brake /flashhider.. so lets look at those changes... handgaurd on original was a brick and felt like crap.. i chose a lighter apex , trigger i chose thanks to 98 was the giesslle ssa-e, and the muzzle brake is a AAC all my guns have them so all my supressors will fit on all my guns... the upper and lower is fine as is the barrel it will shoot better than I can shoot it the slideing stock is fine it works great, and all the other little parts like dust covers and pins etc are all fine i would have saved nothing building from scratch... because I paid for the whole gun what a upper and lower set and barrel would have cost me for x brand...


  I agree with the guy if you want to build some super cool rifle then do it from scrath but in the end function is all that really matters... IMO.

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My builds start at $800 with the stuff customers want. and nothing that they don't want Not sure how they arrive at those figures but why am I not selling more of them!! <laughs>  <lmao>

Well.....it could be that if you are building a"custom" rifle that cheap there has to be something wrong with it! You need to send one of your sweetist builds to an secrety expert, like me, to critique and write a glowing review and post it all over the worldwide Ethernet and then double your price.

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I know a lot of you guys have built your rifles and are rightfully proud of them and their performance. That being said, I picked up an Armalite AR10T last fall that has a 16" Stainless Bull Barrel, an Armalite National Match trigger, and a free floating foreend. I doubt I could build this quality of a rifle for what I paid for it complete: $1,299.00. It is more accurate than I am, and Other than Optic, bipod, BUIS, and a sling, I have added nothing, and don't really see a reason to. With everything on it, using a Burris 2x12 Fairfield scope, I have $1750 invested. I did miss out on the accomplishement of making it myself, but the point is, if you want, you can get some great deals on manufactured rifles, especially right now. And the same goes for Optics.

I think building your own rifle is a great philosophy, but it is just that, a philosophical difference.

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 He might of done better shooting if he had taken off or flipped the scope covers off , what a dumb a$$ video.


 Now on building an AR , some people should stay away from building & just keep buying complete rifles .


and did he ride the charging handle home?   looks like he did to me?  :) Wash

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I preach this same thing to people I work with and ask me about buying an "assault rifle".  First I tell them there are no assault rifles only defense rifles. 


They ask me what the best one is and I reply, "I am not an expert on the brands, but I can make recommendations on what I know". 


Then I ask them what their budget is.  They tell me and I tell them to build one.  Even after I MIGHT make a "brand" recommendation. 


They all assume because I was in military I am expert on brands, when more so I know to how properly employ them, etc. 


Build, build, build..

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