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My casting video for Alone


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Hey guys, so it is my birthday, and I need to be on this forum more!

I have been SUPER busy lately, right now my focus is pretty heavily on YouTube, and on trying to get cast onto the new season of Alone.

This video that I submitted to them of me snake hunting was not all that I wanted... but 24 hours is not enough time to show off very many skills!

I made a fish funnel trap, a four pronged spear, and an admittedly crappy hasty shelter.

I also got sucked into a river under a log, and ruined my phone... but all it all, it was a fun adventure!

Parts of the video are answering specific questions that needed to be address for the show, so when I seem to be rambling, that is why.

Anyways, if you enjoy little (or long) survival type videos, check it out! Please subscribe too btw, I am trying to make this part of my career!

If this needs to go somewhere else, or simply off the forum, that's cool btw, I know it is off of the forums topic.

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I remember long time ago I sent in a video to survivor second season Australia the video showed me flint knapping a point then shooting a self bow with the point and making a bow drill fire... I got back a response thank you for the video but you have to many skills and we feel your sddition to the show would make for poor tv or words to that effect.... LMAO they don't want people with sklills they want peop;le who have none so they will suffer and make good tv drama.... I hope this show alone is better than that I have watched some and first they dump you in a rain forest where no one ever lived not even NA's constant rain is a ploy to make good tv.. at the mens expence they want you to fail.... in any event hope you make it plan on a harsh inviroment no matter where the show takes place...

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It would be priceless go get on one of those shows, and sneak in a weapon.  Right when the situation is all tense, you rip a 3ft double Headed Jelly Dong out of your pack and club a wild board to death with it...   on camera...   <lmao>

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