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Hunting season 2017

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Wow time goes by so fast now I am never sure what time of year it is ..But I know that not hunting last year do to feeling just plain bad I had to pull it together this year as the freezer is empty except for fish... So Elk , Elk hunting is hard work it is the most challenging physical hunt you can do in the west, just do to the terrain and the fact that if you have 100 square miles to hunt in elk will only be in 10 of those miles as they are not spread out all over like deer... Now at 67 and climbing, I have to be smarter because I am just not the animal in the woods I used to be so. Opening morning I head to a spot that overlooks the Clearwater river not many elk there but I have taken a few and I can get a 4 wheeler down a old wagon road if I score. So I hike down about a 1000 vertical ft and sit and listen and while doing this I spot 3 cows and a calf about 400 yards away , (now the smarter side of me) says sit tight look for a bull to join them (bulls are the only legal elk) while sitting I hear a bull bugle below me , but I can not see him and i am not sure exactly where he is, now lesson number 1, it is early like 7.30 am and clear skies I know the sun will peek over the hill in a short time and when it does the air will start to move downhill and give me away so what to do, in my younger days I would have gone for it BUT! not now I know the chances are I will blow them out of there as soon as they smell me so I back out.

    Undisturbed elk will not move far from where they are if you just leave em alone so I plan for the next day to be over two ridges and come at them where they can not smell me. The next morning I start in the dark what a workout the fire two years ago has left black trees everywhere and the wind has snapped them off and the walking is tough but I know the lay of the land and it is raining cats and dogs but this is good keeps the scent down...As dawn approaches I am just where I want to be 180 degrees from where I was yesterday I hear a bugle and then another above me I am in a great spot just have to be cool ...... I keep glassing and finally see a elk below me and then another and finally the bull, I find a tree to rest my LR308 on and try to get solid it is a 350 yard shot and downhill about 40 degrees (steep) my second milldot is dead on at 300 and due to incline I figure I am shooting for 310 so hold right on but wait for broadside shot I want lungs and i want them both.... he moves over to smell a cow and in doing so steps clear of the brush and total broadside I take a breath and stare at the second milldot bringing it to rest right at the crease of the shoulder half way up and take up the slack BOOM! the gun goes off my ears are freeking ringing in all the excitement I forgot to attach my can (dumbass this carbine hurts) but in the scope I see the bull lock up and stand stiff and in 10 seconds falls over right where is was standing and lays still I say a prayer for him and i know the easy part is over.

      I head for the truck no need to walk over there I need to get rid of the gun and get all the things I need to butcher him and get him out, now is where smarter pays off...as I get back to the truck i call my buddy to see if he is in from his hunt as the rain is really pouring  and he is, all I say is I need help and he says where and I am on my way I tell him bring the chainsaw winch.... :) he says No problem I unload the 4 wheeler and lock up the gun get water game bags knives etc all tied on and 20 min; later we are headed down that old wagon RD... now I know it will get me straight across from the elk but with a deep canyon between us we arrive a hour later, and look it over I run 600 ft of 3/8ths braided nylon rope over to the elk by going down one side and up to the elk I also take a snatch block I hang it on a tree put the rope in and tie off to the elk my buddy fires up the chainsaw winch and the elk starts down the canyon when he gets to the bottom I snatch block towards where we are on the hill and tell my buddy go ahead on our radios comms are huge, 20 min later the bull is laying right next to the 4 wheeler yeah! now the work starts  we get him all butchered bagged and loaded and Elk season is almost over for 2017 ok lets get this whole train to the top job well done!

Deer season to come.......

IMG_20171011_104231655 [1280x768].jpg

IMG_20171011_140030386_HDR [1280x768].jpg

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Nice Mike! Glad you are having a good season. I gotta take a year break with twin foot/ankle surgeries, but now I realize how much I miss it. Starting to make plans for next season already. I like that chain saw winch idea. I have heard about them, but your the first guy I know who uses one. Gotta look into those.

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Way to go Mike. You ain't old...........you're experienced. We all try to be that way. Work smart....not hard. Well.....not AS hard. Keep on getting on my man. :thumbup:

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Thanks guys, it is a love hate relationship elk hunting is for me I know going into the season it is going to hurt but that it is all worth it in the end ... but to find things like a chainsaw winch and a 4 wheeler and be able to use them  to take part of the load off my back is huge it makes it all fun again...

not me here but shows you how good it works in steep ground


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