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So I went stumbling through the door of my local gun pusher...............

Come on you guys........you know how this story goes..........usually.

So I start off with the mandatory bullshitting, as we all do. My guy (the pusher) starts off with showing me a suppressed M11 in the 9MM variety. THE BASTARD! I casually finger it, and give him a resposne of NO. I'm Feeling strong because I don 't even ask him about the price...............at first.
Minutes (read as seconds) go by before I finally ask him what he wants for it. HA! He responds by saying that he can't really sell that one yet. AH HAAA! A win for me. He shot his wad too soon........so I thought.

So.....he then walks back to his safe in the back and comes up with a SWEET MP5. The fucker. He knows that I hate him. He says for a mere 30 grand, that one could be mine. And yes.......he gave me $hit as I slammed the bolt forward (saying that that one wasn't mine yet). Oh.....and I said..........sorry......FUKER!

Anyway........I stood my ground. I said NO

After all.........I was here to talk about the MRAD and sending it back to Barrett to check on that chamber issue that all of us guys were having at the fall shoot.

So........he then proceeded to go back to his gun safe, and come back with a "short" M16. It was a 10" barreled full auto AR. Fukin SWEET! Oh.........for a measly price of about 19 grand. Uhhhhhh.........I again said NO. Go figure......he acted like I was a dick for not wanting to snatch it out of his hands. FUK him! I was standing my ground. I was gonna get out of there without buying anything......so I thought.

So........at this point.....I start to inch my way towards the door........figuring I'm gonna get out pretty cheap. All of us guys in the shop, at this point, are laughing and kidding around with each other. I'm thinking......WIN! All I want to do is talk about the Barrett and then leave. And for some reason.......I thought that I was safe. Well.......I wasn't. I didn't realize that my nemesis was on the other side.....of the counter.


I was just about to say my final goodbyes and stumble out the door. BUT NO! At the last second.........he says......"Hey....did you see that AR-31 that I have?"


No.....I didn't. And he layed it on the counter in front of me.

Why did he have to do that? I've actually been eye-ballin these things for quite a while. But the high dollar amount for a 308 bolt was holding me back. And he throws one down, used but VERY clean. AND with a vortex piece of glass on top of it. A package deal. $1900 for the whole thing. FUK! He knows that I'm an Armalite fan-boy. The only thing that I could say was................"I'll take it"..........damn near instantly. I mean.....I didn't even hesitate. My knee-jerk reaction was......."I'll take it". The Fukin Prick!


Needless to say. I now have an AR-31. And this fuker is pretty nice. BUT.....I'll change the grip....the trigger (if possible).....the muzzle device (so it'll accept my AAC cans).....and I'll get Tom to do one of those crazy ass tiger stripe paint jobs like he did on Larry's truck gun. Yeah......I'll beg and promise $hit.

Either way.....I can't wait to get this fuker out to the desert come this fall shoot.......just to see what she can do.

GAWD DAMN it aint easy being me.

Here she is as of the deal today.


Edited by Rsquared
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I feel your pain.  It reminds me of going to our first high school dance and we get dressed up,  put on a half gallon of cologne and act like we know what we're doing.  Pretty cool we are,  new clothes and suave.  Our minds are made up.  We're going to look cool and not dance,  we're not dancing because you can't look debonaire and flop like a wounded frog at the same time.  Well at least we are steadfast until Mary Lou shows up and you're heart starts pounding and your mouth doesn't work because your tongue swelled up,  adrenaline kicks in and your legs are twitching uncontrollably.  Gun pushers has been there and done that.  Offers 30k,  easy no,  19k  easy no,  sweet Mary Lou for only 1900 your mouth says yes before the brain gets a chance to think.  Dang,  it's a science I tell you.

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7 minutes ago, Matt.Cross said:

So what's the story on the MRAD chamber, any updates?

No. I've been a lazy SOB. That's why I finally went over to my gun pusher yesterday. To talk to him and see if there was any "gray" area about shipping a complete rifle from within the peoples republic of Maryland. And THAT's.........when he got me. The ruthless bastard.

I need to get up on it and contact Barrett on Monday. I'm planning on giving them a call and talk to one of their CS guys.

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38 minutes ago, jtallen83 said:

That's a steal! I have been watching for the longer barrel version myself. 


Yeah, that's why I couldn't pass this one up. Even though it's just some Vortex glass on it, the fact that it was all a package deal at that price just sucked me right in. This one is the 18" barrel. Plus, it'll take my 10B mags. Which......I think I've got a couple of those laying around. Ha

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Yeah, considering that my AR-10 SBR (12") was banging steel at 500 yards (with no problem) when we did the high angle day back at the fall shoot. I'm thinking that the 18" barrel should be more than enough for some good distance. We'll find out this fall I suppose.

Though.....this girl is kind of a pig. She's weighing in at just over 15 pounds. And that's without a mag in her. So she's gonna make me really "want it" to carry her up that hill come the fall.

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15 hours ago, Rsquared said:

That's some serious beaver there my brother.

For the record, there's NOTHING about a beaver that is NOT SERIOUS.  I'm just sayin'... Beavers are fuckin' SERIOUS.

I'll paint that motherfucker, my brother.  :thumbup:

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On 1/12/2020 at 6:38 AM, Matt.Cross said:

So what's the story on the MRAD chamber, any updates?

They said something about the hot reloads...


nice grab. I like how JT is brain-Fukin you on the longer barreled one. I guess it’s ok to own both. 

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