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Hello From Southern AZ


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Hello all, i joined the forum because im about to purchase an AR-10 and i have some ideas of what i want to get but looking for some advice on what to get. Some of the ones ive been looking at are the Springfield Saint Victor, RRA BT-3, S&W M&P 10, CMMG Endeavor 100 Series MK3. I dont care to much about looks i know im just wanting a good BCG and a good barrel. Reliability/function first, looks second. Thanks!

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Im going to use this rifle for some tactical courses that include room clearing to shooting a target up to 300 yards so an all around rifle that can do it all. Max distance id shoot it is probably 500 yards. I wont buy cheap ammo, ill shoot hornady only and sticking to the same grain.

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So between a DB, S&W, Springfield and RRA which one would be the best 16 inch to get. Is the springfield Saint victor worth the extra $300-$400 more then a DB or Smith. And is the RRA worth the extra $500ish more then the DB or Smith. I s&w also makes a more expensive model as well.

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10 hours ago, Armed Eye Doc said:

RRA are great guns.  I have one and have never had a problem with it.  You just have to realize that there is a limited amount of upgrades you can do to it because of proprietary parts.

Same with the M&P 10.  Of what the guy listed, I'd buy that Springfield.

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Welcome from middle Georgia. These guys put some info down. Just try to give the most info you can to help them help you. I'm still looking myself. None of the shops near me have anything in stock. I'm NOT paying $300+ or more just to get mine. I've waited this long, I can holdon a little longer. I did see a new DPMS Oracle the other day for $800, but it was supposedly spoken for, so there went a decent basic platform for mine...But you'll find lots of information, great pictures, some video, and enough bear-poking to keep me in stitches...

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