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Power tool recommendation


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My crappy Hitachi drill died and this corona got me working on projects. I dont have any other cordless stuff but I plan on changing that soon and id like to stick with the same brand. What do you  handy types recommend? Good price:quality ratio. I see those package deals around the holidays and they seem like good deals if you need everything that comes in the kit. 

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I have a couple of the Dewalt 9098 cordless drills, have had one since the mid 1990s when we built our metal Mueller house, used it to run several hundred metal self drilling screws and drill many holes, it is on it's third 18 volt battery,  still going strong beat up and looks sad also have a new one bought in 2018, Same results  as the old one, Kind of heavy for small jobs, have a couple of Black & Decker 12 v lithium battery Ldx112 cordledd jobs that I inherited, use them a lot for small jobs and for assembling stuff my wife just has to have any time a Dremel is too small .

I an satisfied with them when a drill press isn't required. I had a couple of the high dollar blue green Japanese angle grinders that didn't wear out quite as fast as the H.F. stuff did, wife said I "used and abused" them too.

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I run DeWalt at home and the work truck comes with Milwaukee.

I'm happy with both and can't go wrong with either. For the most part stuff is similar but certain tools one is better then other as to balance, feel and small features.This is more with the specialized/less homeowner focused tools.

Once you get the basic starter kit with charger/battery you are good to go and can buy just the stripped tool as needed( cordless circular saws are so much nicer then corded,cordless vacuum is nice for cleaning as you go  ) also there are aftermarket battery packs available much cheaper( do your online research prior to buying).

For battery use/long life, heat is the enemy both in use and in charging. I tend to swap out my batteries at the 50% charge mark.I have 4yo batteries still good( used daily in industrial setting)

One plus I like with DeWalt is that when they upgraded their batteries they made an adapter so I can use my older 18V stuff with the new 20V battery packs.


 Forgot to add- take a look at cordless tire inflators for each( seeing as you have the 4x4. I have the DeWalt, can't comment on the Milwaukee.


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1 hour ago, sketch said:

makita or Milwaukee 👍🏻

Yep, I have heard Milwaukee has changed a bit since being bought out but the set I bought in 2006 is still going strong even after spending 5 years on a construction crew, did have to replace the brushes on the drill but at least they were replaceable. I have always been happy with the Makita tools I own as well.

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5 hours ago, blue109 said:

Dude....the ONLY place I brought this up is this board. I havnt searched any product. This discussion here with these couple posts is the ONLY time ive mentioned tools at all


And this just popped up on facebook



Shit happens all the time I’ve had it happen talking to friend in person also 

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Just another reason to dump Facebook. 

I would strongly consider Milwaukee if I was starting over, but have been pretty happy with my Dewalts. I just smoked a drill the other day, so I’ll have to replace that, but I have a stack of Dewalt tools and haven’t had too many issues. The air pump is on my list of things to have. I still have a bunch of the green Ryobi stuff. It’s actually held up pretty well for the price and I’ve done my best to run them into the ground. Wouldn’t rule them out either. 

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You can't go wrong with Milwaukee for any power tools.  I've used a Milwaukee sawzall commercially for many years.  Changed parts out as needed,  boot,  brushes,  grease and etc.  20 years   of dependable use.  Buy a Porter cable sawzall  for heavy duty cutting,  more amps.  Best drills I ever used were Hilti,  magnificent machines.  If I only could buy one drill in a lifetime it would be Hilti,  hands down.  It's like comparing a high end rifle with a lesser quality.  They both work but one will outlast the other by a long shot.  They operate about as smooth as a recoil system suggested by @98Z5Z.  hee hee  I had a difficult time buying cordless,  but for home use they work out well.  I only use Lenox blades,  I'll use Milwaukee blades if there aren't any other available.  I've gone through tens of thousands of blades in my lifetime,  Lenox rules!  All the accompanying accessories must be high quality items.  Bits,  blades,  screws and etc.  No sense having a good tool with inferior bits and pieces.  The best invention ever made was given to you by our Lord.   Your hands.  All tools are merely extensions of your gift.  It's a good thing to think of while using the tools.  Simply my opinions.

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In the last year-ish, I've converted over ALL of my powertools to Milwaukee.  5yr warranty on the tool, 3yr wtty on the batteries.  I beat the shiit out of these things daily.  Haven't broke a tool yet, but have one battery in for wtty right now.  It'll just get replaced. 

I took all my Matco power tools home, after 10 years on those things.  I streamlined my tool line, and have ONE rapid-charger in my charge drawer in the box, that charges all my tools/batteries, both 12v and 18v.  Drill, Impacts, screw guns, soldering iron, blower, electric ratchets - all of them. 

The Milwaukee stuff these days is pretty badass, and there is no better warranty.

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Been looking around. Price wise dewalt seems to be a bit cheaper with equally good reviews. Ace has a deal for the 2 pack 20v drill/impact driver with 2 batteries for $199, and you get a freebie tool with it (angle grinder, Rsaw, or circ saw) still looking but that seems pretty good. 

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