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Hello from Michigan


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Hey everyone new to the forum here. I'm mainly a M14/M1A and M1 Garand guy but have always had a few AR's I built a couple for myself and my wife last year. I am in the process of accumulating everything for my first 308 AR build (great timing I know). I just happened on this forum and thought it would be a good place to learn from. I'm always about gaining knowledge on the firearms I'm interested in.

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On 2/4/2021 at 11:01 AM, IHC_Guy said:

 I just happened on this forum and thought it would be a good place to learn from. I'm always about gaining knowledge on the firearms I'm interested in.

Just post a topic and ask about parts - before you buy.  We'll make sure you don't get stuff that's not going to work right.   Welcome aboard. 

13 hours ago, DNP said:

Welcome. So what’s the favorite International?

I almost asked that last night, when I saw the screen name...   :thumbup::laffs:

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I had a 47 panel truck I bought when I was 14. I always thought I’d get it up and going someday. Was supposed to be a project my dad and I could work on, but there never was any time. Eventually gave it away.  Been thinking lately of tracking down a decent Travelall to make a nice family rig. 

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Thank you everybody. I appreciate the warm welcome and kind offer for me to ask a question. My favorite International would be my 1953 M1 Garand International Harvester Service Grade I picked up from the CMP North Store. I lucked out on this one it has the correct LMR barrel on it (LMR is a desired barrel) . With almost all Garand's now they are mix masters with various parts from the armory from rebuilds. I lucked out with this one it has IHC gas chamber, OP Rod. Almost all the parts are IHC with exception of the trigger group which is Winchester. It is a Tack Driver. I can't believe the MOA I've been able to get out of this rifle with Sierra Matchking TMK 168 Grain. I put a couple hundred rounds of HXP 150 GR through it and still dinging the metal plate at 200 yards with open sights. Were supposed to be cutting out the firing range to 500 yards this spring. So we'll see how she does at 500. I put a scope on one of my M1A's last fall and still need to zero it in. Winter hit so it's sitting in the safe just waiting for spring. I live in Michigan and it's as much as I love shooting it's just to cold lol. I am excited about building this AR-10. I have been really wanting to compare it to my M1A's. Anybody on here shoot both ? What do they find to be the major difference ? Are they surprised by the performance the AR-10 gave ?

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Between the Garand and my Aero M5, the large frame AR is a softer shooter because of the recoil system. With my arthritic hands the grip which I prefer to be close to vertical works best. I probably have a mixed lot of parts in my Garand but I love it. It's from CMP and is the bayonet for it. 🍺🇺🇸

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I love Garand's. Mine is from 44. But damn if I don't love my AR-10's too. I mean, Garand's kick ass, throwing out that 30.06 round. A stout round for sure. The 10's throw out a nice round themselves. 308/7.62.....I mean what's not to like?

Besides some weight differences considering iron and wood for the Garands. The difference, besides a little extra powder behind a differently sized projectile? Well........the 10's (308AR's) have 20 round mags where a Garand is limited to 8.

But Garand's still have one thing going for them that 10's will never have. They stormed Normady.


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