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4th of July OP


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All fiction of course


Operation : Independence Restitution
Date / Time : 04 July 2015 / ZULU + 300

Jon was at the controls when he hit the switch for "green light". He was wishing that he was in the back with the rest of the guys. But he knew that somebody had to fly the damn plane. And of course.....he was still cursing the rest of us. Something about a MuthaFuckin microphone. Anyway. The teams looked around at each other as they crouched on the ramp. They were grouped in "sticks" of 5 men.

Edge, Robo, 98, R2 and Unforgiven were ALPHA.
Hemi, Zebra, DNP, Wash and Matt were BRAVO.
Blue, Shepp, Farkle, Easy and Bubba were CHARLIE.
Sketch, SS, Matt, Shibi and Jtallen were DELTA.
Stain was his own squad (as usual).

The chutes were deployed after a high altitude jump off of the back of the blacked out (krylon?) C-130. The teams, after their initial free-fall, descended towards their target. They were going into, what looked like, a residential area. The target.....was going to be surrounded as the teams hit the ground. Team members floated as they gathered their approach. Then.....one by one....they started hitting the ground......silently. Each member, once hitting the ground, slapped the chute release and proceeded forward. They all moved into position....waiting to hear the command in their earpiece. Except for Stain. He found the closest structure to where he hit the ground, and proceeded to climb up on top of the roof and set up shop. As was the standard.....GOD was watching.....and giving the all clear signal when ready.

It was only a matter of moments before all of the teams were in position......and waiting. Final weapons check! All of the team members could hear the hushed sound of Edge's voice over the comm. He simply said......."Make it quiet gentlemen". With that........every team member screwed on their suppressor. The buzzing noise of the cans, as they were slowly ratcheted into place, blended in with the sounds of the crickets in the dark night. The only other sound was the flicking of the selectors as they went from "Safe" to "Fire". The teams were ready. Dispersed to every compass point of the structure. Moments later....all that was heard....was Edge keying his mic and saying "GREEN LIGHT...GO...GO...GO"!

ALPHA went straight in, with Robo crashing through the front door. He tumbled in a barrel roll before coming up on his feet in an aggressive forward stance, with weapon held forward. The rest of the team funneled in behind him, dispersing left and right to cover the flanks. The guy at the top of the stairs.....the guy behind the closet door.....the guy hiding off to the left in what seemed to be a living room. The team quickly dropped them as soon as they were through the door. R2 hollering "clear up"...98 hollering out "clear down"...Unforgiven calling out "clear left"...followed by Edge sounding out "clear right".

One by one, the teams poured into the house. Shots sounding out all over the structure. Even being suppressed, each team member could make out the sounds of shots being fired all throughout the house. Finally, Hemi and the rest of BRAVO stormed the basement stairs to clear the downstairs area. After a few quick, THUD THUD THUD sounds....Hemi gave the "ALL CLEAR". Minutes later, he appeared with the objective....black hood on his head and hands cable tied behind his back. He simply said firmly......EGRESS!

With that, the teams hit the exit. A small convoy of big black suburbans was rolling up out front of the house about this time. Adam, Beach, Armed Eye Doc and Magwa were the wheel men. The vehicles barely came to a stop as each team was diving into them. ALPHA had dove into the waiting vehicle.....and Magwa simply said "Are you assholes ready to leave"? With that....he hit the gas. Each other vehicle had a similar exchange, as the convoy roared off into the night.


The convoy pulled into what seemed like an abandoned warehouse. They all came in nose to tail one by one. As soon as they came to a stop, the team members were filing out of them. By the numbers, ALPHA was moving first. BRAVO had "the package". CHARLIE and DELTA followed closely. They all moved to the center of the "industrial" looking building and gathered around (semi-circle) what looked to be two men. One of the men (running personal security for the other obviously) was one BIG SUMBITCH! The teams looked at him......and nodded as they recognized JRTMASP. He simply let the bolt fly on his rifle in response.

The "package" was brought up to front, and forced onto his knees in front of the other man. Whimpering could be heard underneath the hood that covered his head. A spotlight snapped on and shined down on him. Hemi reached down and ripped the hood off of the cowering man's head. The once internet tough, outspoken, loudmouth Fuker known as Itkrich, was now sobbing on the floor in front of the darkened silhouette of a man standing in front of him just outside the light. Then.....the man stepped forward....reached down and clutched the sobbing mans chin in his hand tightly. IMSCHUR held the mans chin and shook it back and forth while saying, "I guess you won't FUK with another one of my members EVER again......now WILL YOU"!

With that. Another man walked in from the shadows and just stared at the broken figure in front of him. Then, THE MAN from Riedeman Firearms simply said to IMSCHUR.............."I'm Good". Saying nothing else, he turned and walked away. Not knowing what the teams would do after that. He just wanted the customer to know that he was a fair and honest guy. He walked out and boarded a smaller (what looked to be a krylon C-47?) plane that was beside a larger (just as krylon'd) C-130. The smaller plane burped, gurgled.....then took off down the runway....eventually getting airborne and vanishing into the early morning pre-dawn sky. The teams started filing towards the idling C-130.

IMSCHUR paused at the still whimpering figure that was still on his knees as he passed by him. He leaned down and said "OH.......and what do you think about cats"? He laughed manically and continued on. A THUD THUD....THUD was all that was heard behind him as he walked towards the plane.

The team members strapped in as the 308AR C-130 took off from the unknown airstrip. The drinking lamp was now lit.


Yet another purposeful OP had been performed.



Edited by Rsquared
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Damn. I hate being 1st man in...

I totally fucked up his mom's oleanders when I came through the yard. I think I knocked over her China hutch too... but in my defense, I was bumped by Edge's fatass as he was clearing his quadrant.


Hey, give him a break...he thought his knee was popping for a second and did an emergency buttshift.

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Damn. I hate being 1st man in...

I totally fucked up his mom's oleanders when I came through the yard. I think I knocked over her China hutch too... but in my defense, I was bumped by Edge's fatass as he was clearing his quadrant.

Look here shrimp, hockey booty brings the babes and creates a solid base. Don't be jealous cause you're a Latino with no booty.
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Oh sweet, I got deployed to BRAVO and DELTA! Excellent AAR as usual R2. :D

R2 cens you left me behind . I had a little extra time.

So ......

Dammit! That's where I screwed up. Both of you start with M. Hey...it was the middle of the night while drinking (as usual) as I spun this tale.

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