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Rare Breed FRT-15 Trigger

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I can see it being trouble, can't tell you the amount of times i have had police ask me for my papers cause somebody called them. and they were just doing their  job. shoot i have even let them shoot them before. most were nice. only remember one butt hole. but you better have the paperwork with you if you have the guns. now the bump stock is a visible device they can see but that is not a visible device and if you don't know that much about full autos it will seem you have an unregistered machine gun. Nope, while it is a neat idea and should be no ATF to stop any kind of gun ownership, but there is and i ain't wanting a trip to jail to have to prove it's not a full auto manufactured lower.

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19 hours ago, 98Z5V said:

They've reinvented the 3rd pin.  Those with a 3-pin lower know what I'm talking about.  :thumbup:

^^^^^That right there! I don't have a 3rd pin lower but I know what they are.

This thing is so close to being a combined modular trigger/drop in auto sear it's crazy! I give it no more than 6 months before the ATF figures out how to outlaw it.

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4 hours ago, Belt Fed said:

I can see it being trouble, can't tell you the amount of times i have had police ask me for my papers cause somebody called them. and they were just doing their  job.

Hate to say this, but it's not the job of the police - it's not their jurisdiction.  The only agency with the jurisdiction to ask you for any legal documents pertaining to any firearm that might conflict with the gun laws in the US is the BATFE.  No other officer has the jurisdiction to see your paperwork - ever.  State rules are state rules, and if you have to have a license for a gun - then state, local, whatever - can ask for that State information.  NFA?   Nope.  Not unless it's against some state law.  NFA Stamped items?  Only BAFTE can ask you for a Stamp for proof. Everyone else - better call your local BATFE Guy, and ask him to show for "proof of Stamp..."

Some police might be able to "detain" you, in WAIT for an agent from the BATFE - but nobody else has the right to see that paperwork, but a real agent from BATFE. 

Just thought I'd throw that in there.  If local police are asking you for paperwork on an item - it's NOT their jurisdiction.  Not their game to play.  Same goes with County Sherriff's, State Police, etc.  The rule to "inspect paperwork" falls at the level of the "Rule to Inspect Paperwork."  BATFE is the only ones that can ask you for a Stamp.  That's what their whole game is.  Others can detain you, until BATFE gets there - but any level lower than that is not in the position to determine what you really have... 

Edited by 98Z5V
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Well, I just tried to give them money, but your billing address MUST match your shipping address.  Did that.   My billing address is a PO Box, and they will not ship to a PO Box.  I'll call them, and try to sort this out, but if they won't budge, they can fuk themselves.  No phone number listed in their information/website, but I'll find one for them. 

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They are legal to ship here, but i know what would come if i bought one. guarantee i would get a trip to the jailhouse. might not have to stay after a few hours of pleading my case. with no paperwork it would be a trip in the squad car.  but i been there and done that many times with proving the legality.  and you can't blame the officers, they are just doing their job responding to a call. but it's kinda un nerving when you have several glocks aimed at you.

I understand what 98 was saying, but the sherrifs here don't play around and i can't blame them when someone calls in and reports a machine gun. they have to be cautious. and i don't mind them checking my papers. I would be scared a bit too if i was waiting on someone to come out of an area and three of them had belt feds and m-16.s I don't even shoot them around here anymore. too many people now.

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