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What kinda pocket knife do you carry


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I've had gerbers for about 5 years now. I'd normally loose them or misplace one before I had to get a new one, but the last two Ive had the blade has loosed/become wobbly and the other just plain broke so I desided to move on.

When I signed up to win that ar that was being given Away in that post on here I started getting email from them with their "deals". Well one was for a smith and Wesson knife and the price was right so I'm gonna give it a try.


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Big fan of Cold Steel here. I've carried a 4" tanto folder for probably almost 20 years now. I've also got a 5" tanto folder.....a 7" fixed tanto (for the chest rig).....a 12" fixed tanto..........ahhh, you get the point.

Can you tell that I'm a fan of the Tanto blade?  <laughs>

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all very nice looking blades guys! i carry a buck knife in my hunting pack my dad bought me when i was a young deer hunter. would like to get something nicer for a gear pack, but im good at loosing poop and pretty rough on them at work so we'll see how the S&W holds up for that. edge that's a pretty "sharp" lookings krife:D always heard good things about kershaws, i see S&W also have some "black ops" and "seal" knives too?!   

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I've been carrying one of these;


I carried a Benchmade automatic knife for years, both on and off duty but my son decided he needed it worse than I did. If he gets deployed he definitely needs it more than me.

I got one of those around here somewhere. CRKT makes some nice knives!  That locking mechanism on the Ignitor is pretty slick.


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I have a dozen or so total.  My SOG knives seem to hold an edge the best of what I have.  The Kershaw are the ones that I will use for almost anything because they were the least expensive.  I have a couple of CRKT knives that I like the blade but not necessarily the design of the ones I have.  That's what I get for buying over the internet without holding them first.

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Benchmade Emerson CQC-6.  I need to retire it, and send it to Benchmade to rework.  I pick that thing up in 1997 or 1998.  It's badass, but you just can't get them anymore, and they're stupid expensive when they show up somewhere. 

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Been using kershaw blackout auto assist for the last 10 years or so. Love it. On my 2nd one because I lost the first. Never felt the need to buy something "nicer"

  <thumbsup> Its like you took the words out of my mouth 10 years second knife, My first was the wirlwind (half serrated blade) I switched to a full blade after putting 8 stitches in my wrist trying to cut hot dog sticks for the kids... stupid stick!!

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Well, up until an unfortunate incident at Disneyland last weekend, I was carrying my new CRKT M16-13Z desert camo 50/50. I've had a half dozen different vesrions of that knife and I have been pretty happy with it. I carried benchmades before and actually have that strapped in the pocket until I track down a replacement. It's old, and beat. I have an assisted BM Appariton limited that I decided was too thick to carry.  Spyderco was my main love before the CRKT's. I've owned a dozen different Endura's-those were sweet.  <thumbsup>

In the market. Thanks for the thread, this is a great help for me right now.

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Pretty plain jane here, folding lockblade uncle henry, about a 3" blade, had it since 93 when I found it on the floor in Hobby Lobby the blade is about 1/4" shorter now from sharpening it. I was just about to give up and get something else but I was in a pawn shop one day and found one identical to it almost new condition, thank God, I fear change!

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well I made it back from the gun show and scored one of these


for $60 nib!  :banana:

That is a good looking blade! Did you get the straight blade or the serrated?

At work, I carry a Cold Steel Tanto "Voyager". I've had this knife for years. The blade is still sharp enough. It is caked with all manners of nastiness (as the job often requires). It's days of cutting apples are long gone, but it still has a long working life ahead of it.


I used to carry an Emerson Commander. After losing two of them, you stop buying expensive toys. I still love this knife, but can't find it in my wallet to buy it again. 


Today I have the Kershaw "Blur" by Ken Onion. I bought one for my wife when we were dating. She loves hers. She carries if daily. It's a great knife, but dulls quick. Depending on use, it should be sent back every 2-3 years to get that razor edge back.


And since we are posting chest rig knives... Here's one some of you might recognize. My LanCay M9.


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