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For our Fallen Brother (a long one) OP


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This time, the rally point was determined as east BF of nowhere. It was up to the team members to find their way to the "jump off" point. Arrangements were made.....but each individual had to follow through on their own. It was up to each of the individuals to load in their own equipment and gear. They would have to arrive in a manner as to not suspect suspicion from the "locals". Not that there were many of them. One by one....they would have to arrive (casually of course) in Beatrice, Nebraska. Yes, I said it.....Beatrice, Nebraska. Why?...............Why the Fuk not?............It's almost perfect for low profile ops. We're to meet in a town approximately 25 to 30 miles south of Lincoln. Just a few blocks east of where route 136 (E/W) come together at route 77 (N/S). This is damn near center of the fukin country.....so nobody can bitch about last minute arrangements.


From now on....no matter the destination.....WE gather as ONE.....WE move as ONE.....WE ARE ONE. WE are ONE group. WE are ONE mindset. WE are a set of brothers that act as ONE. PERIOD! NO EXCEPTIONS!

The afternoon was gray. Overcast skys filled the landscape. Rain fell at a steady pace as lightening periodically cracked the sky. A lone Black Diesel Expedition (Hey....I'm a Ford guy alright?) pulled up to the corner of 9th street at route 136 in Beatrice. The truck pulled to the curb and simply idled. Hemi was behind the wheel. He knew that he "shouldn't" have to wait too long before others started filing in. It was only a matter of moments before a second truck (just like his) came up behind him, and just like he did.....came to an idle....and waited. Unforgiven was at the helm of this one.....lit a smoke...and proceeded to wait the same way as Larry was. The rain continued to fall. The skies were darkening even more as the two waited. Eventually, 3 more trucks (all the same) came one by one and fell in line behind them. 98 was at the helm of the first one. Wash was steering the 2nd vehicle. And Drew was piloting the third and final transport. They all sat......nose to tail.....idleing....waiting. Waiting for the rest of the company to join them.

One by one....figures began to appear out of the gray, rainy landscape. Walking up, out of seemingly nowhere, and climbing into the waiting rides. Magwa climbed into the passenger seat beside Larry. Armed Eye Doc piled into the truck, followed by Beach and Jtallen. Shibi climbed in the back row (and mumbled about not being allowed to drive). Larry shook his head in a "what the fuk" kinda notion.

R2 dove into the trailing expedition (claiming shotgun beside Rene). Moments later Stain, Zebra, Easy and MikeDaddy climbed in the rumbling truck (as R2 opened the cooler).

DNP climbed into the "shotgun" seat of 98's truck. Robo, Bubba, Farkle and Planeflyer weren't far behind him.

Matt opened the passenger door of Wash's truck and asked "Mind if I have a seat?" Always the gentleman (being from Carolina). With a simple nod from Wash...he climbed in. Adam, Sketch, Survialshop and Shepp followed shortly after him.

Finally...Edge walked up to Drews' truck....opened up the passenger door....climbed in....and simply said...I think we're all here. Jrtmasp and Blue followed his lead and silently climbed into the center row of seats.

The trucks just sat there idling for another minute. The steady rain outside had increased to a strong, heavy downpour. Moments passed....until Edge keyed his Mic and asked "Column ready?" The seconds dragged until the response came in. Larry hit his Mic, "Tango 2 (transport 2) Ready!". Followed by Rene "Tango 3 Ready!". Then Tom..."Tango 4 Ready!". Wash..."Tango 5 Ready!". They all sat there for another minute, until Edge gave Drew the final "all clear" nod. And with that...Drew called out "Tango 1 Ready!" He pulled his truck out, and moved to the front of the pack. Within minutes.....the column was moving (once again, nose to tail) out of the small BF nowhere town. Once on the outskirts, regardless of the rain, the column accelerated. And, looking like a small train, the vehicles sped away from Beatrice Nebraska.


The five Expeditions moved across a section of uninhabited beach on the southern most tip of Florida. It was still dark, but just approaching dawn as they approached their target zone. Time was of the essence as the wheel-men navigated their vehicles. Sand kicked up from the wheels as the trucks sped through dunes and across the varied flat sections of the beach. All of the team members had only ONE thought in their minds. There was only ONE objective to be obtained. And none of us would be denied. We had......an obligation! The gray skies were finally starting to lighten up. Faint beams of sunlight were just starting to shine through.

After approximately 4 more minutes, the entire column came to a halt. One by one.....pulling in side by side to each other....the vehicles came to a stop.....and proceeded to idle. I mean, who doesn't love the sound of deisel's (5 of them) idling? That's almost a "good" sendoff for a man. But....that wouldn't be good enough. That's not why we're all here afterall.

We're here for a fallen BROTHER. Brother Micro. Brother Ernie. THAT's what this OP was for!

With that, every man falls out of the vehicles. We all pull from our gear, our AR-10/308AR/SR-25 rifles.....and line up to give our brother a final SALUTE. And at that moment, with all of us standing on the shore line facing the rising sun, Drew gives the command to fire! There may be more than 7 of us standing in formation........and more than 21 of us in all......but we all give the "3 shot in succession" salute to our fallen brother. NO man will be left out of the ceremony! NO man will EVER be left behind! None of us are EVER truly alone!

Brother Ernie (Microgunner) WILL be missed from our group.
Farewell my Friend!

My brothers..........The drinking and Bullshitting lamp is lit gentlemen! Carry on.

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Hell of a story teller R2! I've passed through Beatrice many times, 2 1/2 hours from my home. I have stopped at the DQ on that very intersection, you can see the sign from 77. Kind of freaked me out when I read it.

From here on out when I pass through there during my travels I'll be thinking of Micro...............and the Fallen Brother OP.

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