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It's been a while. But the 308 AR Teams are BACK!


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The gray overcast sky was blanketing the area only known by a chosen few, as the SDF (Secret Desert Facility). A strange, but not an unknown sight for the American southwest. Granted, the valley of the sun doesn't see much of it. But it does have it's share. The distant rumblings of thunderheads, only added to the moment. The periodic, crack across the sky, reminded all that mother nature is still in complete control. The encampment was about to huddle down. The wide, northwestern storm was building in intensity, as the security teams began to disperse from base camp.

Blue and Doc were on watch on the taller south hill. Blue scanned the sky as he pulled his poncho over top of him. He knew that he was about to get pissed on. He grumbled to himself, as he racked the action of his MK12. He stared at the oncoming rain, he could see it "walk across" the vast expanse before him.  Watching this, he said over his shoulder to Doc, "well....this is about to suck". He wedged himself down into a rock outcropping, and began to scan his designated area. He flicked the switch on his comms to his throat mic and gave a radio check back to camp. Doc glared out onto the shallow valley floor beneath them, and watched the curtain of rain approaching. He jokingly threw back at Blue," Don't know....it might not be that bad", as only a Texan can as he laughed. He then flicked his comm switch over as well as he racked his weapon. He called out his comm check to base camp. All was well.

At approximately the same time, Unforgiven and Hemi were hunkering down on the lower eastern hilltop. They too, were watching the oncoming storm as it approached from the north/northwest. They ground down into their positions, waiting for the rain to fall. Hemi glanced towards Unforgiven, about 20 feet away from him, and said "get ready to get wet brother".  Unforgiven acknowledged him by racking his weapon, and peering off into the distance. Scanning the, what could be seen, horizon. Hemi responded in a similar fashion. One by one, they both switched they're comms over,  and called out their radio checks to base camp. All was well.

The western and northern "Flats" of the "SDF" also had "security teams" watching. Teams were displaced approximately to encompass a 1000 yard perimeter, mainly because of the storm. DNP and R2 to the north. Mikedaddy and Goucho to the west. The storm was coming fast, and nobody was liking it. Both teams had their emplacements. Both had their ponchos thrown over them as cover as they laid out in their positions, waiting for the oncoming downpour. They were all fixed and ready. One at a time, the others could hear them flick over their comms and perform their comm check. All was well.

98 and Matt stood in base camp. The darkened sky, plus rain starting to fall, compounded by night rapidly approaching, had them at a heightened sense of awareness. The setting just didn't feel right. 98 was calling out across the comms to all of the security teams, verifying solid communication. Matt turned to Edge and Robo, gave them a nod while saying "You're on gentlemen". The two proceeded to melt into the dark backdrop that nature was providing. They were......"On Patrol". With that, Matt turned to JT and said "You're cleared". Instantly, JT spun on his heels and disappeared off into the gray, rainy evening (Always Forward). 98 turned as he was clearing the last outer perimeter team comm check, looking at both Beltfed and Red River he said "Those positions aren't going to man themselves gentlemen".  They both turned and headed off to their predetermined positions on the outer edge of the inner perimeter. Also facing the western and northern "flats" of the area, but closer into the encampment.

Wash, Magwa and Sketch watched as 98 and Matt distributed orders and monitored comm traffic to other members. 98 eventually turned to them and gave the nod. They were all on inner perimeter security. HEY.....somebody has to help guard the camp. And can anybody think of anybody as surly as these guys? They instantly dispersed to opposing sides of the base camp and began their diligent "circling" of the inner perimeter as the rain began to come down hard. It was going to be a night full of SUCK for everybody.

EARLY THE NEXT MORNING --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
The sun was coming up. The rain had stopped in the middle of the night. The "teams" had made it through the night without any outside encounter. The outer perimeter security squads could see the smoke from the fire being built at the base camp. They all were shedding ponchos or any other cover that they had used, as it was already getting warm as the sun continued to rise. They were about 30 minutes out, to reporting for the morning briefing. The "high ground" crews would be starting their trek down the hills soon, as the "flats" were starting to pack up their rain gear.

All of the perimeter squads were about to "start in", when a lone flare went up from out in the middle of nowhere. It was from the "patrol" team. It was quickly followed by the report across the comms. "Bogie! Inbound approximately 070. Moving slowly". With that, the north, east and southern security teams instantly trained their eyes in that direction. And watched. Within moments, Doc called out from the high ground position on the tall hill "Got em!". The other "high ground" members shortly echoed him with "Got him", "Got him", "I got him". Followed quickly by the north "Flats" team of "Got him", "Got him". They all silently watched through their optics as the intruder slowly proceeded towards them. The vehicle moved slowly until it came to a halt, approximately a mile away from the encampment. Matt was calling out to the perimeter teams, "What do you see? What do you see? Report! Friend or foe?". As he was checking with the perimeter teams, 98 was staring through his binoculars directly at the intruder. Watching for any kind of "tell". Everybody was "glassing" the intruder, waiting for the next move.

MOMENTS LATER ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
In a hot, desert world, the lone truck, slowly approaches the SDF. At a distance, the  grizzled, weather beaten driver in a camo shirt pulls off his glacier glasses to stare out into the area ahead. Before him, a  mile away is a circle of campers and trailers. As he puts his field glasses up to his eyes and surveys the scene, he realizes he is the focus of attention of a number of sentries who are doing the same to him, but through rifles. Pulling out an old stained white handkerchief and waving it up above his head through the drivers window, to show he is peaceful, he begins to navigate his way toward the surprisingly well organized and ingeniously laid out encampment. As he slowly advances, he looks at the two sleeping figures that are with him. One in the passenger seat, and one in the backseat.............and he laughs. They've made it.

MOMENTS AFTER THAT --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
The driver pulled into the camp and came to a halt. 98 walked up to the drivers door, rifle in the upward position in his right hand, while his left hand was held out in the international "Stop" position. 98 stood beside the vehicle, as the dust swirled slowly around his feet. He glanced around, and gave a raised clinched fist signal to all of the other teams, knowing that they were ALL watching. He lowered his rifle and broke out with a ear to ear grin while saying, "Nice to see you Sisco. Glad you were able to get Shepp and Dpete".

Stay tuned for the next chapter........................

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13 hours ago, Rsquared said:

Stay tuned for the next chapter........................

Is this one of those serial books that you can get the first one free and have to pay for the rest of the story?








I would bet that anyone 50 and older read that last part in Paul Harvey's voice.

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48 minutes ago, Armed Eye Doc said:







I would bet that anyone 50 and older read that last part in Paul Harvey's voice.

I loved Paul Harvey, I’m well under 50.


ever listen to the way I heard it with mike Rowe? He does like a 15 min podcast that’s a homage to Harvey it’s great

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10 hours ago, Armed Eye Doc said:

I would bet that anyone 50 and older read that last part in Paul Harvey's voice.

And THAT...   Is the REST of the Story...  :hail:

Edited by 98Z5V
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On 5/12/2020 at 12:48 AM, 98Z5V said:
On 5/11/2020 at 2:31 PM, Armed Eye Doc said:

I would bet that anyone 50 and older read that last part in Paul Harvey's voice.

And THAT...   Is the REST of the Story...  :hail:

You don't have to be 50 to remember Paul Harvey... I'm not even 40 and listed to him religiously in my youth. That guy had a GREAT radio voice!

But yeah; good company is the only company I need. Don't have enough thumbs for that one (though; some humans are actually born with more than two)... Extra little toes are also a thing (better balance?).

Edited by Lane
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